April 07, 2013

Miss Wong the Process

By Leah Morrow


A sweet and comfy reading nook, all created from one amazing painting as inspiration!
Here is our process:


"Miss Wong" was painted by Vladimir Tretchikoff in the 1950s.  We lucked out and found this print in a thrift store in Minnesota for $15.  We were instantly attracted to it, so we used it as a jumping off point for colors and textures. 



A mood board helped organize our vision



When it was time to go shopping - we found things we loved, but couldn't keep them all.  Here are some of the ones we passed up (for lots of reasons like: price, scale, color, and mood).

Once we had collected all the perfect pieces from things we already had around, and things we bought (including goodies from booth 57 at The Montana Antique Mall, and fabric from Selvedge Studio) it was time to do some sewing.



An easy sewing project for a beginning seamstress, that makes a big impact, is a simple envelope pillow (check out our tutorial for step by step instructions).



For an intermediate seamstress, recovering the cushions on a vintage chair can be rewarding and save you a bundle (check out our tutorial if you want to see how we did it).



We had the curtains sewn by a local seamstress (thanks Lori), but curtains are also an easy DIY project for a quick fix. And ta-da!!