April 01, 2013

Chair Cushion Re-Do

By Leah Morrow

Find :: a chair with good bones that only needs a little TLC.


Collect All your Supplies:: I am reusing the pillow forms from the chair, and have chosen an amazing chartreuse wool to recover them with. I am skipping the piping so upholstery zippers and some thread are the only other supplies I need.


Take Careful Measurements :: because these cushions are square there is a boxing band piece in addition to the top and bottom pieces. I measured the band in 3 pieces, one long piece that goes around 3 sides of the pillow, and 2 shorter pieces in the back (one piece above the zipper and one below, creating a zipper panel).


Cut out your pieces::


Sew :: first, sew the zipper panel by stitching the zipper between the two smaller band pieces. sew the long band piece to the pillow's top. next, sew the zipper panel to the band, finishing the back of the band. then stitch the zipper panel to the top piece.


Finish:: now, sew the band to the pillow's bottom piece. pull it right side out through the zipper opening and press the seams