June 14, 2013

Quick Tablecloth Tutorial

By MIke Newman

You will need :: 2 yards of designer cotton fabric for the body & 1/2 yard contrast fabric (small pattern preferred: like polka dots) to make the bias tape.

Step 1 :: Make bias tape by cutting your fabric on the bias (a 45% angle from the selvage) in 2" strips, sew your strips end to end, use a handy bias tape tool (found at Selvedge Studio) to fold your strips , iron and wa-la!

Step 2 :: Sew the continuous length of bias tape around all 4 edges of your main piece of fabric and you've got a cute little tablecloth for your celebration - and you can use it again and again!

Way more fun (and green) than paper -or worse, plastic! - store bought tablecloths!