January 19, 2014

Mitered Corner Napkins

By Leah Morrow

The mystery of making mitered corners solved!  This is an easy project, you can make them custom sizes. 

We cut our exterior pieces 20" x 20" and the interior focus fabric 12" x 12", which resulted in a 15" x 15" napkin.


Your supplies: Two fabrics: The exterior fabric will form a mitered hem that folds on to the front of the napkins.  An interior fabric will be your focal point.


Stitch a line around the exterior piece exactly 1/2" from the edge. Mark the corner 1/2" in from both sides to make a perfect edge stitch. Use matching thread.


Press a 1/2" hem all the way around the exterior.


Fold the square into a triangle, right sides together.
Mark each of the corners 4" up from the corner.
Mark another line at a 45 degree angle, we have a nifty ruler to help.


The other method to make the angle is to measure 4" up from the corner on each side.
using your ruler, trace a line from one 4" mark to the other.


Fold, right sides together and match up marks, sew along the line.


Trim off the corner to 1/4"


Trim the corner even closer, it will make for a beautiful corner. Repeat for every corner.


Press point open.


Turn right side out, Isn't it pretty?!? Press flat. You can top stitch the hem in place or add the second fabric. 


Slip the contrast fabric inside the mitered hem. Pin in place


Top stitch in place. We use our blind hem foot. Just line the middle flange up to the edge of the hem and move the needle into position.That way all you have to do is follow the edge of the hem and your top stitch will be perfect!


The top stitched mitered corner.You could change the dimensions to make a reversible tablecloth, or a pillow!